#NJNYtakesTX: Hill Country

Finding hills in San Antonio is no problem at all. My brother lives in Houston and when I told him I would be training here he said everyone calls it hill country, but I took it with a grain of salt because I know that where he lives you can see for miles with absolutely no change in elevation. Relatively speaking, “hill country” didn’t hold much value. I’ve quickly learned that he (or his San Antonio sources) were correct. There are hills. I only wish there was a little less fog this morning so that we could have been rewarded for our climb to the top of a trail with a view.

Yesterday was a new experience for me.  After our pace run, I went for a massage at a neuromuscular pain and nutrition center and was worked on by Savitri Frizzell. I have never even seen a chiropractor before and this fall was my first time seeing a massage therapist.  It was a great session.  I took anatomy in high school, but studying social sciences for the past five years distanced me from knowledge of the muscles, nerves, and bones. I know the basics, but I feel like I should know more. I always appreciate it when whoever is working on my explains what is happening, and that is exactly what she did. What everything seems to boil down to is that my right leg is longer than my left, which throws everything off balance.  The way she was able to find areas in my legs and hips that were feeling tension, massage somewhere, and immediately release the tension was really awesome.  Needless to say, I learned a lot and I have some great exercises to add to my daily routine! And she has an office in New Jersey…

Some more running inspiration (Pinterest credit to Jenn Ennis aka @runnderlust):