#NJNYtakesTX: Namaste

Hello 2014! Getting into yoga and working on my flexibility was one of my main New Year’s resolutions.  As I said in my New Year post, I was very self conscious about my lack of flexibility and yoga novice and started with some basic poses from a morning flow YouTube video.  Well, I have now taken the next step to becoming more serious about my resolution.  Ashley Higginson showed me a basic sequence that I worked on when we first got down here.  That was really good for just getting started and opening up a bit.  This was a big step for me because it was the first time I did any sort of yoga in front of other people besides those who may or may not have seen me through the sliding glass doors at my apartment.  Then Kate Grace found a class today at the Gold’s Gym we have been working out at while in San Antonio, and at the last minute I decided to join her.  Once the instructor suggested we get the other mats that didn’t squeak on the floor so much, it was really great.  The instructor was good with modeling the poses and also helping everyone get in the correct positions.  I skipped out on some poses like the head stand because it was my first time and because I have a workout tomorrow and a race in a couple weeks that I would rather not hurt myself for.  I was very proud of myself though…not only can I touch my toes, I can stand on my hands and have my legs straight! I can stand up straight on my right leg and hold my left leg out to the side by my toes! (kind of) I’ve got a good amount of work to do, but I feel a whole lot better about going to classes.

When I start things or try to get into something, I end up planning it in my routine, looking into the best way to make it a regular thing, and researching to the point where I seem a bit obsessive.  I started looking into yoga places at home and their hours and classes offered.  I found that I have plenty of options and I can’t wait to continue.  Through my obsessive research I also found something pretty cool and useful for someone who travels and finds themselves in need of a place to workout or a class to attend.  MindBody Connect is an app for android (maybe iPhone? I don’t know) that allows you to search specific businesses or by key word in whatever location, check out their schedules, and even register and pay in advance for classes.  Maybe I’m totally behind and everyone does this already, but I think it’s pretty cool and it will come in handy with a lot the traveling we do!

Maybe someday…