Quick Update

I realize I never updated the blog after dropping out of Payton Jordan.  I guess it was just a little easier to disappear for the season.  As soon as I got back from California I got an MRI and was told that my plantar was partially torn.  I could finish the season in pain with some band aid solutions, or I could call it quits for 2015 and take care of it with more extreme measures asap to make sure I’m pain free, healthy, and strong for 2016.  Through this whole journey 2016 and the Olympic Trials have been my goal, and I couldn’t imagine running my best while in pain anyway.  With the support of my podiatrist, coaches, parents, fiance (and his podiatrist brother), and friends, I decided to end my season before it ever really started and have my plantar fascia released.

The surgery was just short of five weeks ago.  I was non weight-bearing for the first week, partial for the second, and then in a walking boot.  This past Friday I got to ditch the boot as well.  I’m happy to report that everything feels great and, in addition to spinning, I was able to get on the alter-g for the first time today!

I’d love to be joining my teammates at the USATF Championships this week and working on my sports bra tan by running outside, but for now I’m just happy to be on the road to recovery and I’ll stick to the alter-g and pink spin bike.  I’ll be back at it soon.

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