On to the Next

It’s almost comical how much of my life (at this point) revolves around running.  I realize that my blog has been very quiet since I got back from Europe.  I have writer’s block.  When I got back I wound up running two more road races at the beginning of August and then, with some extra encouragement from my plantar fascia, took a break.  I started to write a little recap of my last two races (GNC Liberty Mile and Belmar Chase) and the importance of taking some down time, and then decided what I was writing was too boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of those races and I still think down time was important, but I couldn’t convince myself that it was worth finishing and sending out.

Since it was still a part of my journey, here’s the short version:  The Liberty Mile was really fun.  I’d never been to Pittsburgh before and it’s a pretty cool city.  I learned I need to work on my kick, and now I have my very own big head.  Belmar was an awesome way to end the season.  We (NJNY) got to sweep a race in New Jersey and then hang out at the beach a bit.  Yes, my plantar fascia was starting to bug me toward the end.  It was nothing terribly serious, but it has been a long and amazing year, so it was a pretty good time to take a physical and mental break.

So back to my writer’s block and a life devoted to running…I was ready and a little excited for my break. And then three days into it I sat with my roommate, Rebeka Stowe, at the breakfast table with a list of goal for the coming year and a rough sketch of what my weekly mileage and trips to the gym would look like to get me there. I was already getting antsy and excited and ready to start again. Of course, it didn’t help that Rutger’s classes don’t start until next week, so my running break coincided with my work break. I spent hours each day looking at houses online for a group of us to move into, watched A LOT of Netflix, floated in my parents’ pool, woke up when I wanted and took my time drinking coffee and browsing Pinterest. The unemployed life was pretty nice, but I was itching to start one of my jobs again. Motivated, but reminding myself to be patient, on that third day I joined LA Fitness (Rutgers was always crowded and when classes were canceled, the gym was closed). I started slowly building back up with cross training and light lifting.

At the end of two weeks of cross training and running twice, I sat down with Gag to talk about the coming year. It’s impossible to describe a conversation with him. He tells it like it is. He knows what you’re capable of and exactly what you need to do to get there. He knows it’s hard and it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice, and he let’s you know that too. But I leave every conversation with him feeling more motivated and confident that this is what I want and that I will achieve my goals.

Now I’m a week into the comeback with some awesome things on my plate. I have another year with Oiselle! And I’m super excited (and nervous!) to model for them when they return to Nolcha New York Fashion Week on September 9th. As of right now, I don’t have any races officially scheduled for the fall (no need to rush my foot) but there will be some eventually! That’s where I’ve been for the past month…mostly looking ahead.

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