Luzern, Switzerland (via Teddington)

Legs 2.5 and 3. July 12: Dublin -> London -> Teddington by bus, and stayed until July 14 -> Zurich -> Luzern by shuttle.

Teddington was a great spot to stop between races.  Big thanks to the Brooks Beasts for welcoming me!


Luzern might be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  I had heard that it was from so many people before I came over here, so when it was cloudy and pouring rain the first day I was pretty disappointed. But I woke up today with the sun shining and got to see the amazing views in those pictures just a few blocks from my hotel.  I wish I had more time to enjoy it post race, but I’m headed home tomorrow morning.

So Luzern was a quick trip for me.  A nice walk to the river in the morning, followed by watching American TV shows in German (this was the only non-English speaking country of my trip), and a shake out was all I had time for before getting into race mode and heading to the track.  Europeans love their track meets. The stands were packed and standing room around the whole perimeter was at least three people deep. And the whole event was like a fair with food carts and people walking around drinking beers and eating sausage. 

I knew the race was being paced well and that there were plenty of fast women.  Within a lap the race had already split and only a few women went with the pace, so I had the option to go with them (even if it was a bit fast), start slower and settle with the second pack, or run alone between them. One of the things I’ve been trying to work on is not being afraid of fast races, so I decided to go with the lead pack and we went through a mile in 4:51.  I held it for a little while, but by the last 2k I started to feel cooked. 15:43 for 8th.  I really would have liked to end my Europe trip with a PR, but it was good to experience that and I’m glad I went for it.  Trying to think of and be proud of everything I have done this year, and at the same time my mind is already filled with everything I can do a little differently to make next year even better. 

Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern (the name of the meet:Top Athletics Lucerne) was a pretty incredible production. The night ended with amazing fireworks set off from the infield.  They were pretty much right on top of while we stood at the 5k starting line collecting our bags and changing our shoes.  Really cool end to a trip through Europe and a great send off back to the US.

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