Dublin, Ireland

Leg 2! July 9: Cork -> Dublin by bus. Morton Games Mile.


Blogging via my phone because my outlet converter mysteriously disappeared in my Dublin hotel room and my tablet is out of juice, so just a quick update for now.  A new place with even more new people.  I think I can be pretty outgoing at times, but I’ve never before spent so much time with people I only previously knew by name.  I’m so glad I’ve had some awesome people to be a tourist with instead of being a hermit in my hotel room with no friends.  On Thursday, I got to see a bit more of Dublin on another castle tour and a visit to the Guinness factory, which ends with a pint at the top of the building overlooking the whole city. Pretty sweet.


As for the meet, I can’t think of many other races that have been more fun.  I was a little nervous, which is natural, but even though I wanted a pr, I really felt no serious pressure and wanted to see what I could do. Having that relaxed attitude was definitely part of my success last night.  I got in line with a perfect pace and a great field and it felt pretty amazing.  Another 4th place finish, but I got my big pr. 4:28.02 🙂 Again, the little Irish kids all swarm you at the end, asking for your bib number, autograph, and selfies. 


The rest of the night was fantastic as well and I already hope I’m coming back to the Morton Games next year.  Now I’m in Teddington for a short while before heading off to Luzern!

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